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Even though we are still in the Covid-19 pandemic, we are fully prepared and ServSafe certified to keep our InRamen customer safe. We have changed all our bowls and plates to be one time use for customer. Even though it is only outdoor seating, it is still six feet distance between the tables.

To look at the InRamen’s menu, just scan the QR code with your phone or just follow the link InRamen Menu .

When packing the Smoked Brisket Ramen, we keep the signature Chef Bill's Beef broth in a separate container and the ramen in another to keep the noodles from soaking up the broth. We have put instructions of how to reheat the ramen for another day. If you cannot come and pick up your order, you can always get it through the third party delivery service of GrubHub, Doordash, UberEat or Postmate. Also on Wednesday, Thurday and Friday, InRamen does have some special promotion for you to enjoy $2 BaoBun or Shrimp Tempura. See you soon.

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